Time will not be a luxury anymore

We are the millennium Butlers that redefines how home chores are handled, so you could live life the fullest

Our Story

Butler is the very first premium one-stop home management services platform in Hong Kong that take cares of all your household chores in a bespoke manner. While our primary focus is on home related services--such as housekeeping, closet management, and meal prep--Butler offers much more. We deliver flowers to your special someone on big dates, remind you to pay your bills on time, suggest the latest and coolest home products...we would even pack your luggage for you for your next vacation. We truly value user experience and the personal touches, with the goal that our clients could come home happy

How Butler is Different


One-Stop Service

Instead of looking for a good repairman, pet sitters, cleaners, one by one hoping they are any good... skip the searching. Leave it to Butler with confidence. Your trusted butlers will get all your home errands done


Back-End System

The Butler back-end system incorporate a smart algorithm that will remember your preferences and generate instructions to remind your Butler helper for a tailored service just for you


Value-Add  Service

We do not just merely clean your home, but upkeep your home in all rounded manner. We can arrange logistic for removal services, luggage handling to suggestion of latest home gadgets or decorations. We are your Butler



Butler has an in-house team of trained and qualified individuals, all of which have at least 3 years of homemaking experience. Each of our butlers have been vetted and insured in order to maintain a high quality and secure service for our customers.

Our Current Services

We currently provide:

- Housekeeping

- Laundry & Closet Management

- Groceries Delivery

- Meal Preparations

- Shoe Grooming

- Removal Planning

- Pet Sitting

We are expanding into additional services so we can continue to bring bespoke services beyond your home door and make coming home the highlight of your day

Quality control and customizations

Our business entails total control management and standardization to ensure the quality of services delivered. All our butler have been professionally trained with our Butler Home Management System (“BHMS”) — a home care philosophy our founders have developed. BHMS was developed via inspirations from top-notch hotel services, local cleaning gurus, and renowned cleaning & management companies.