Choosing your outfit will be as easy as ever

Laundry Conceirge

Leave your laundry with us, we will provide the appropriate laundry treatment with care and expertise.

Don’t waste time looking for clothes or reading laundry labels, let Butler handle it all.

Closet Management

We manage your closet that fits your personal lifestyle so it makes it easier, faster and happier to look for what to wear. We also help orgnaise and store away seasonal clothes so you will have no trouble locating them anytime..



Minimum 1 Hours (2 hours is recommended for first timer)         

Recommended Service Hours

Home laundry inclusive of Ironing, hand wash and closet management services

For dry clean and special washing, please inform Butler 2 days in advance via Butler App or Whatsapp. Additional cost of dry clean will be settled in cash with our Butler.

* Dry cleaning services base on separate quotation. Undergarments will not be available for hand wash services.


Closet and laundry management is wonderful, I wanted this service for so long and its finally here!
— Ms. Lin