Other Testimonies

“Butler Asia provided us with outstanding professionals who keep our home organised and clean to the highest standard. They provided extra hands during parties and always presented themselves extremely professionally. Our closet organisation is amazing thanks to Butler and the folding techniques used allow our drawers to be visible and organised for quick access. Hong Kong can be hectic enough without working about household chores. Butler takes care of our home so we can maximise our free time! “

Teacher, Mrs. Heath

“I would say trustworthy is for me what is standing out. Friendly staff and willing to do their upmost to satisfy the customer”

Senior Executive, Severine

“My house is always cleaner after my Butler has visited. They have really changed my lifestyle. Now I have more time for myself. If I use 3 words to describe the butlers, I would say “conscientious, thorough and efficient”. Every time my butler visits I am extremely pleased

Adjudicator, Mr. Brock